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Image of Sean Mari Sagun, Founder at SM Social - a marketing agency that specializes in UGC and AD Creative Strategy. Company tagline: "Building the Creator Economy, One Creative At A Time"

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It's me, hi!
I'm SEAN, founder of SM SOCIAL, a marketing agency based in Calgary

SM Social Service: TikTok & Meta AD Creative Strategy

TikTok & Meta AD
Creative Strategy

SM Social Services: UGC Creation & Licensing

UGC Creation
& Licensing

SM Social Services: Creator Education and Mentorship

Creator Education
& Mentorship

SM Social Services: Influencer Campaign Management for Brands

Brand Campaign

About Us

As a Creative Strategist, my role is to help brands develop and execute creative and effective user-generated content (UGC) campaigns. I'll work with you closely to identify your brand's goals and target audiences, and then develop UGC campaigns that engage and resonate with your audience. From ideation to execution, I can help you design, plan, and implement campaigns that drive engagement and conversion. We also have a roster of UGC Creators and Influencers that can help bring your vision to life with engaging and optimized content.

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