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5-Page Media Kit + 1 Page Rate Card (Complete with customization guides)


Limited Offer: Get my 100+ brand contact list for FREE if you purchase any of my Media Kit Templates!


This Vertical Media Kit + Rate Card will help you land your dream collaboration!

Did you know that MOST brands prefer a horizontal/landscape media kit? This is why I decided to create this template. A landscape/horizontal media kit version is also available.


This includes all 7 pages:

  • Cover Page
  • About Me
  • Analytics & Audience Demographics
  • Brands I've Worked With (v.1 for Influencers who have worked with multiple brands)
  • Brands I've Worked With (v.2 for Influencers who have worked with one or two brands)
  • Contact Me
  • Rate Card


It also includes instructions on how to customize your media kit and rate card via the "Notes" portion of the template.


I wish I had these when I started my influencer journey! I started with a basic Canva template for my media kit, and I'm really proud of this product as I have spent hours creating this new template.


Intellectual Property Disclaimer: Contents of this product are provided for your personal use only and may not be copied, reproduced, aggregated, or sold for any other reasons without the prior written consent of Sean Mari Sagun.

Vertical Canva Template

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