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These e-mail and DM templates helped me land 30+ gifted and paid brand deals in 2 months!

Invest in your dream and grab these 5 E-mail & DM Templates that will help you land your dream collaboration!


Your time is VALUABLE! This is why I want to help you by providing these templates that will not just save you time in the long run but will help you get paid to create content for the brands you LOVE!

100% Proven & TESTED


The contents inside will help you:

  • Pitch your initial e-mail to your dream brand
  • Send a follow-up e-mail with confidence
  • Turn a gifted collab into a paid one
  • Craft a subject line that will increase your e-mail open rate
  • Negotiate rates and how to deal with the unknown


I wish I had these when I started my influencer journey! I would have turned those gifted collaborations into paid ones EASY. Now, I want to help YOU with your journey and share these crafted e-mails that work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Intellectual Property Disclaimer: Contents of this product are provided for your personal use only and may not be copied, reproduced, aggregated, sold for any other reasons without the prior written consent of Sean Mari Sagun.

E-mail & DM Pitch Templates

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