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Setting Goals for 2024: Set yourself up for SUCCESS

By Sean Mari Sagun, Founder at SM Social • Published December 8th, 2023

Discover the ultimate guide for social media influencers to land more deals in 2024! Learn effective goal-setting strategies, business tips, and personal growth hacks from an industry expert.

Hey, there! Welcome back to another deep dive into the world of setting goals for 2024 and positioning yourself for success. In this edition, we’re taking a closer look at how social media influencers can land more deals by crafting clear goals and strategies.
As promised in my last newsletter, I'm here to spill the beans on how I'm gearing up for success in 2024. Trust me, it's all about setting those crystal-clear goals. The University of California even vouches for it, claiming you're 42% more likely to nail your goals just by jotting them down! So, grab your notebooks or take a quick detour to my last newsletter for the scoop.


Step 1: Assess Your Current Position

Before diving into the deep waters of goal setting, take a moment to understand where you stand. What’s your immediate priority? Whether it’s leaving the 9-5 grind, pursuing higher education, boosting income as a stay-at-home parent, or expanding your business, setting goals is the cornerstone of progress.

My priority for 2024? Building generational wealth and stashing away $50,000 for our dream house down payment.

Step 2: Personal Goals Galore

Let’s start with the personal front, shall we? Think of self-improvement, health, travel, financial aspirations, relationships, and family. Jot down everything that crosses your mind – we’ll tidy it up later!

Among my goals for 2024? Jet off to the UK, pump up the savings for our dream home, commit to 60 minutes of daily workouts, indulge in Saturday date nights, and maybe even master the piano or guitar—ambitious, right?

Step 3: Business Goals Blueprint

Now, let’s talk business. As a Marketing Agency Owner, Creative Strategist, and Content Creator, it’s time to craft sub-categories for our business aspirations.

Breaking Down Business Goals

• Income Goal: Determine your target income in 2024 based on your previous year's earnings to establish a realistic objective. Once you've set this major annual income goal, break it into quarters or months for easier mental digestion.

• Rate Review and Adjustment: Revisit your rates every quarter to ensure they align with the quality of your work. Feel confident to raise prices if justified.
• Team Building and Hiring: Assess your budget for potential outsourcing of tasks. Identify areas where assistance is needed, allowing you to focus on higher-level responsibilities. Remember, team building goes beyond hiring; a clear vision for team success prevents aimless wandering.

• Income Diversification: Explore avenues to diversify your business income. Consider options like affiliate marketing, digital products, or coaching services. Leverage your strengths to maximize your efforts.

• Dream Brand List: Maintain a concise list of brands you use or aspire to collaborate with. Reflecting on how you've already sealed deals with some will motivate you to aim higher!

• Vanity Metric Goals: List ambitious metrics like reaching 100K followers on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, or aiming for 1M video likes on TikTok. Track your progress monthly. Remember, while crucial, to prioritize value-driven content and intentional posting over metrics for sustained growth.


Final Thoughts

Setting goals isn’t merely about scribbling dreams on paper; it’s about sculpting your future. Whether it’s personal growth or business milestones, the roadmap to success begins with clarity, action, and a sprinkle of persistence.

Remember, it’s not just about landing deals—it’s about forging meaningful connections, providing value, and enjoying the journey. So, grab those notebooks, jot down those dreams, and let’s crush those goals together in 2024!

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