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Elevate Your Q4 Campaigns with Creative Bundles

By Sean Mari Sagun, Founder at SM Social • Published August 25th, 2023

How t Elevate Your Q4 Campaigns with Creative Bundles

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, standing out is no longer a matter of crafting brand content alone. The era of authentic storytelling has arrived, bringing with it a game-changer that holds the key to unlocking unparalleled success: User Generated Content.

According to Forbes, UGC is influential because it comes from a third party. It is more authentic than brand pushed content because it is created by “real people” as opposed to the brand pushed content that contains lots of polishing. You can think of it as a modern “word of mouth advertising” where a customer tells another one of a brand’s products and services.


Why Brands Should Use UGC for their Campaigns

Let's zoom in on why UGC is the beating heart of any thriving marketing strategy. Picture this: a bustling online arena, crammed with brands battling for attention. How does your brand elbow its way through the crowd and claim the spotlight? The answer is in threefold:

1. Social Proof

The truth is, using just branded content will not give the customers the proof they need to purchase from your brand. And this is where UGC comes in. UGC gives that authenticity and social proof needed by brands to convert potential customers into buying customers. And this is because UGC is created by “normal people” like them. They trust the reviews and recommendations given by the UGC creators because the content is relatable.

2. Increased awareness and exposure

If your brand is struggling with reaching your target audience, the missing link may just be UGC. UGC creators are known for creating content that appeals to their target audience. This is because they understand their language and their pain points deeper than surface level. While these creators may not have large followings of their own, more than often, their content goes viral within their niche community. This gives the brand the much needed awareness and exposure that it needs.

3. High Success rate

Brands who utilize adding UGC to their marketing campaigns have recorded higher conversion rates than brands that don’t. According to SearchLogistics, UGC results in 29% higher conversion rates than campaigns that don’t use it. And this is because 79% of people say that UGC highly influences their purchasing decisions. As you can see, UGC is a marketing goldmine for brands that utilize it.

4. Cost Effective

UGC is way more cost effective than high polished ads. Traditional mediums such as TV commercials, billboards, print media are highly priced and small businesses cannot afford it. But hiring UGC creators to run ads on social media is way more accessible. While some creators offer bundles, most creators will offer customized packages for brands that are interested in long term partnerships.

UGC Bundle Offer: Only $19.96 USD PER UGC VIDEO!

As a brand looking to increase conversions with Q4 campaigns but don’t know where to start, I have an exciting bundle offer for you. For only $2,785, you get 108 FULLY EDITED VIDEOS alongside creative and competitor’s research, scripting, storyboard and unlimited usage rights. For more clarity, this is what you'll get:

• 108 Edited Videos (combination of the raw videos below)

All RAW Videos for 6 Hooks, 3 Bodies, 6 CTAs
UNLIMITED Usage Rights
Creative Research and Storyboard Included
Opportunity to film your content in a luxury tropical island resort*
Option to add a Male character in the content (for a minimal fee)

How does it work?

Secure your spot by purchasing this bundle (only offering 10 this year)
Onboarding call or e-mail where we'll discuss concepts
We'll start with the creative research and draft scripts and storyboards
Send finalized scripts for the brand's approval
Film, edit and submit the first set of videos for feedback
Implement the feedback and proceed with the 108 video variations
Submit all assets to the brand


I'm not using this now, but can I purchase this bundle for later use?
Yes, you may purchase this bundle in advance and we can plan the creation later on, or when you need it.

It's a great offer but I can't release all the funds yet. Is there any way I can secure a spot?
Yes, you may secure a spot this year by sending me an e-mail and requesting a 50-50 payment arrangement.

Does 108 videos mean 108 unique concepts?
No, I'm not offering 108 UNIQUE concepts - it's 108 different variations of the video based on the approved concepts with 6 Hooks, 3 Bodies, 6 CTAs.

Is it possible to film in different locations?
Yes, I can film in a different location (Hotel in Banff, AirBnb in Canmore, etc) and you will be billed for the expenses.

Sample Combination:

Video 1: Hook 1 + Body 1 + CTA 1
Video 2: Hook 2 + Body 1 + CTA 1
Video 3: Hook 3 + Body 1 + CTA 1
Video 4: Hook 4 + Body 1 + CTA 1
And the captivating sequence continues, offering an array of engaging content variations that resonate with your audience's diverse preferences.

Final Thoughts

The stage is set, the spotlight gleams, and your brand's narrative is itching to be unraveled. As you dive into the realm of UGC, remember that you're not just securing videos; you're igniting an engagement, conversion, and brand elevation journey. The power of authenticity, the thrill of creativity, and the allure of UGC – they converge in this exclusive bundle.

Secure your spot today, and let's embark on a collaborative escapade that will etch your brand's story into the annals of digital history. Got queries? Special requests? Dive into the conversation – contact Sean at Your brand's triumph awaits, and with UGC as your compass, success is all but guaranteed!

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