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ADHD Diagnosis with Frida: My Life-Altering Journey!

By Sean Mari Sagun, Founder at SM Social • Published August 6th, 2023

ADHD Diagnosis with Frida as a UGC Creator and Entrepreneur

So, I recently went through something that I never thought would happen to me – an ADHD diagnosis with Frida! It's been quite the rollercoaster ride, and today, I'm here to share my journey with you. Life-changing? Oh, you betcha! Now, don't go rolling your eyes just yet; this is not your typical "how I found myself" story. This is real-life stuff!

You might be wondering, "Who's Frida and why is she involved in an ADHD diagnosis?" Well, let me tell you – Frida is an online platform that offers self-assessments for ADHD. You can simply hop on their website, take a free 2-minute self-assessment, and see if your brain's got any quirky surprises in store for you!

The Self-Assessment: A Curious Revelation

So, I started off with this 2-minute self-assessment back in May, and let me tell you, it was an eye-opener! It made me wonder if there was something more to my restlessness and difficulty focusing. But then came the dreaded moment when I saw the price tag - a whopping $599! I mean, come on, that's just crazy expensive!

After weighing my options, I decided to explore other avenues, and that's when I heard about a free waitlist for ADHD diagnosis in my city. "Great!" I thought. But then they hit me with the news that the wait time could be six to ten months! Seriously, who has that kind of patience? Not me!

As the days went by, I realized that my ADHD symptoms were seriously impacting my work motivation. That's when I took the leap and decided to just go for it! Waiting endlessly was not an option for me anymore, and I wanted to get a handle on my life ASAP!

So, one fine Thursday, I filled out all the paperwork, and guess what? By Monday, I had a scheduled consultation! No kidding, they were lightning-fast! The consultation lasted a solid two hours, and honestly, it was like talking to an old friend. I felt so at ease discussing my struggles and challenges.

And the best part? The very next day, I had my ADHD prescription in hand! Oh, how I appreciated the efficiency and convenience of doing everything online or over the phone. And guess what? They even delivered my meds straight to my door! How's that for top-notch service?

Frida's Diagnosis Process: An Experience Worth Raving About!

From the moment I embarked on this journey, I knew I was in safe hands with Frida. The entire process, from the initial assessment to the follow-up appointments, was a breeze!

Let me tell you why I'm raving about my experience:

• A Caring Consultation

The consultation was not just about checking off boxes but understanding me as an individual. Frida took the time to listen, empathize, and tailor the approach to my unique needs. It felt like talking to someone who genuinely cared about my well-being!

• Flexible and Hassle-Free

One thing I absolutely loved was the flexibility of the process. Being able to handle everything from the comfort of my home made the entire journey stress-free. No need to take extra time off work or commute long distances!

• Empowering Support

Throughout the process, Frida's support and guidance were empowering. They didn't just hand me a prescription and leave me to figure things out on my own. Instead, they offered valuable resources, coping strategies, and regular check-ins to ensure I was on the right track.

• A Community of Understanding

Frida didn't just diagnose and treat me; they also introduced me to a supportive community of individuals going through similar experiences. It's incredible how connecting with others who truly understand can make such a difference!

Final Thoughts

Getting diagnosed with ADHD with Frida was undoubtedly a life-changing experience for me! It helped me understand myself better, and I now have the tools to manage my challenges effectively. So, if you're on the fence about seeking an ADHD diagnosis, take the leap! It might just be the turning point you need in your life!

Remember, you are not alone, and Frida is here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace your uniqueness, and let Frida help you navigate the wonderful journey of self-discovery! Together, we've got this!

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